Memory, Imagination, and Knowledge


  • Dan Manolescu Freelance ESL Instructor and Award Winning Author, The United States



Memory, Imagination, Knowledge, Learning, Culture


The present article invites the reader to re-appraise the values of memory, imagination, and knowledge from a new perspective and with an abundance of various opinions, ideas, and commentaries. At the beginning of the 21st century, the growth by leaps and bounds of technology has made this re-evaluation even more relevant now that we have access to all kinds of sources of information. Such a fresh perspective becomes feasible and necessary, given the tools and possibilities offered, literally, by a wealth of sources at our fingertips. Using references available in historical documents as well as contemporary electronic and mass media communication, the discussion centers on a thorough analysis of memory and imagination with their obvious effects on the retention of knowledge. The positive outcome of such an approach is also relevant when we take a good look at the quest for knowledge and its intrinsic value. Research of material produced over centuries and millennia leads us to pursue the study of memory and imagination and, through them, perceive the acquisition of knowledge as beneficial and much-needed in the entire process of education.




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