Editorial Team


Charles Ferrall, Associate professor of English Literature,Wellington University, New Zealand


Editorial Assitant

Claudia Davis, Global Talent Academy



Editorial board

Ahmed Saleh Elimam,  Associate Professor in Translation Studies, University of Leicester, UK

Albrecht Classen, Distinguished Professor of European Literature and Culture, University of Arizona, USA

Arda Arikan, Professor of  Linguistics, Akdeniz University, Turkey

Caleb González, Graduate Consultant in the Writing Center, The Ohio State University, USA

David Dabydeen,  Emeritus Professor of Postcolonial Literature, Warwick University, UK

Federica Capoferri, Associate Professor of Language and Literature, John Cabot University, USA

Frederick Luis Aldama, Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities, University of Texas, Austin, and Distinhuished Professor at The Ohio state University, USA

Hadi Salehi, Assistant Professor of TESL/TEFL, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Isabel Hofmeyr, Professor of English Literature, Wits University, South Africa