The Search for Koinos Kosmos in Philip K. Dick’s Fiction


  • Santiago Sevilla-Vallejo Universidad de Alcalá, Spain



Philip K. Dick, Koinos Kosmos, Idios Kosmos, Transcendence, Mystical Experience, Schizophrenia


As it has been previously studied, Philip K. Dick's work raises existential questions that do not have a clear answer, but they
invite us to seek the truth. One of the essential themes in his writings is that our perception about reality is false (Idios
Kosmos) In this sense, Philip K. Dick's statements and novels consider that human life is a constant struggle with obstacles.
This paper analyses how his biography and readings led him to form a philosophical attitude that was essential in his
writings. Then, the motives that distort the experience and the process of searching for the true reality are compared in three
novels. On the one hand, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Ubik show different futuristic dystopias where human
values are endangered. On the other hand, VALIS is about the search of transcendence from a more realistic and
autobiographical approach. The aim of this article is to reflect about the search of the koinos kosmos contained in these three




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