English Language Teachers’ Professional Development at Tertiary Level in Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects


  • Md Abdullah Al Younus Department of English, Feni University, Bangladesh




This study delves into the complex landscape of tertiary teachers' professional development in Bangladesh, examining both the formidable challenges and promising prospects that shape the growth and effectiveness of educators in the nation's higher education system. In Bangladesh, tertiary education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of its youth and the nation's economic progress. However, the quality of higher education hinges on the quality of instruction, making professional development for teacher’s imperative. The study unveils the significant challenges faced by these educators, including the burden of heavy workloads, financial constraints, limited access to development opportunities, and resistance to change. These challenges collectively hinder the professional growth of teachers, which, in turn, affects the quality of higher education. Conversely, the study illuminates the substantial prospects of professional development for tertiary teachers in Bangladesh. It underscores the vital role professional development plays in enhancing teaching skills, aligning curricula with industry needs, and preparing graduates to excel in the global job market. Strategies such as institutional support, technology integration, faculty collaboration, and needs assessments have been identified as avenues to address these challenges effectively and unlock the potential of growth for educators in Bangladesh's higher education landscape. In conclusion, while Bangladesh grapples with obstacles that impede the professional development of tertiary teachers, the prospects remain optimistic. By recognizing the importance of continuous learning, investing in institutional support, harnessing the power of technology, and implementing strategic policies, the nation can empower its educators to thrive in their roles. This, in turn, promises a brighter future for higher education, better-prepared graduates, and a stronger national economy.




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Younus, . M. A. A. . (2023). English Language Teachers’ Professional Development at Tertiary Level in Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects. Journal of Critical Studies in Language and Literature, 4(6), 28-36. https://doi.org/10.46809/jcsll.v4i6.237