Parents as Role Model for Social Behavior of Children: A Case Study of the Short Story “A Doll’s House” by Katherine Mansfield


  • Farahnaz Yousefi Department of English Language and Literature, Zahedan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Zahedan, Iran



Social Behavior, Children, Parental Role, Katherine Mansfield, Short Story


This research article investigates the parental influence on children's social behavior within the context of Katherine Mansfield's short story, "A Doll's House." The study primarily adopts a library-based approach and employs a descriptive analytical methodology. The research aims to explore the impact of parents and other family members on children's socialization and their conduct in society, with a specific focus on their interactions with peers and classmates. Additionally, the article examines the ramifications of social norms and social classes on parental figures. The involvement of school officials, peers, classmates, and their interactions with other children is also examined. The findings of the study indicate that the parents depicted in the story do not serve as positive role models for the socialization of their children. While the majority of children tend to imitate and perceive their parents as positive role models, one child does not blindly imitate the parents and may exhibit behaviors that deviate from parental expectations. These findings are useful as they contribute to a deeper understanding of the dynamics between parental influence and children's social behavior, especially in the literary context of the short story. They shed light on the complex relationship between parents, children, and societal expectations as portrayed in the story, which can be relevant for literary analysis, child psychology and sociology. The findings may have implications for understanding the potential consequences of negative role modeling by parents and how it can influence a child's behavior and choices.




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Yousefi, F. . (2023). Parents as Role Model for Social Behavior of Children: A Case Study of the Short Story “A Doll’s House” by Katherine Mansfield. Journal of Critical Studies in Language and Literature, 4(6), 20-27.